Improvement of tunnel field effect transistor characteristics via auxiliary gate and retrograde doping in the channel

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Institute of nanoscience and nanotechnology, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran.

2 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

3 Department of Electronics, Technical and Vocational University, Kashan



In this work, a Dual Workfunction Gate-Source Pocket-Retrograde Doping-Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (DWG SP RD-TFET) is proposed and investigated. DWG SP RD-TFET is a Silicon-channel TFET with two isolated metal gates (main gate and auxiliary gate) and a source pocket in the channel close to the source-channel junction to increase the carrier tunneling rate. For further enhancement in tunneling rate, source doping near the source-channel junction i.e. underneath the auxiliary gate is heavily doped to create more band bending in energy band diagram. Retrograde doping in the channel along with auxiliary gate over the source region also improve device subthreshold swing and leakage current. Based on our simulation results, excellent electrical characteristics with ION/IOFF ratio > 109 and point subthreshold sewing (SS) of 6 mV/dec at room temperature shows that this tunneling FET can be utilized as a promising candidate for low power applications in analogue and digital integrated circuits.