Document Type: Original Research Paper


Department of Computer and Information Technology, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental Sciences, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran.


This paper investigates multiuser detection for space-time block coded (STBC) transmission over a flat-fading multiple-input multiple-output multiple-access channel consisting of J co-channel users each with N antennas and a zero-forcing coherent receiver equipping with M receiving antennas. For the cases in which M=J , it was previously claimed that it is impossible to extend this receiver to general scenarios of orthogonal STBC transmission with J>2 and N>2 . This paper provides a theorem allowing this extension to any scenarios satisfying the theorem condition. Describing in more details, we first prove that zero-forcing receiver of M=J antennas can successfully extend to any STBC transmission over MIMO multiple-access systems which provides an Alamouti-like structure for the inner product of equivalent channels between different receive antennas and users. Then, in order to gain more insight, the theorem role on extending zero-forcing receiver to transmission of orthogonal STBC over MIMO multiple-access systems with J>2 and N>2 , and also to other STBC schemes like generalized coordinate interleaved orthogonal design and Quasi-orthogonal STBC is investigated in more details. Finally, the average symbol error rate of considered scenarios are numerically evaluated and compered for different STBC schemes with various numbers of J and N.


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