1. Design of a Discrete-time Sliding Mode Controller for Nonlinear Affine Systems based on Disturbance Estimation

N. Azam Baleghi; M.H. Shafiei

Volume 6, Issue 1 , Winter and Spring 2018, , Pages 87-96

  Background and Objectives: Nowadays, because of accuracy, speed, cost, and flexibility of digital control laws, control systems are implemented by computers, microprocessors or DSP chips. Therefore, many investigators have recently focused on the design of discrete-time controllers and computer-based ...  Read More

2. Design of a Novel Framework to Control Nonlinear Affine Systems Based on Fast Terminal Sliding-Mode Controller

M. Keshavarz; M.H. Shafiei

Volume 5, Issue 2 , Summer and Autumn 2017, , Pages 101-108

  In this paper, a novel approach for finite-time stabilization of uncertain affine systems is proposed. In the proposed approach, a fast terminal sliding mode (FTSM) controller is designed, based on the input-output feedback linearization of the nonlinear system with considering its internal dynamics. ...  Read More