Publons is a commercial website that provides free services for academics to track, validate, and display contributions made by peer-review and editorial to academic journals. Obviously, your record in Publons enhances your scientific value and knowledge in the global community. Please kindly register as an editor in Publons by following these steps:

Please log in to your Publons profile upon your previous registration.

1- Please click on your private dashboard, which is located on up-right of your profile.




2-    On the left-hand side please click on “Affiliation” option





3-    Please add your editorial board membership at the JECEI Journal


Add the journals or conferences whose editorial boards you have been  a member of, using the current field to distinguish between contemporary and  past appointments. Current affiliations will be displayed on your profile.

Here is the address of correct Publons account of JECEI :







  4- Please click on "Save Changes"


 Thank you!